Services Offered

Advocacy and Consultative Services

Karen has attended and/or chaired over 1,000 team meetings and has written hundreds of IEPs. She is highly knowledgeable about the special education process from the initial evaluation request through discharge from special education. She offers an array of advocacy services including:

Academic Assessments

Karen has conducted over 300 academic evaluations and possesses the skills not only to administer evaluations, but to also interpret the results in order to support student success and the team process. She offers assessments in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics using a variety of assessment tools including:

Tutoring Services

Karen has extensive experience tutoring students in the following subjects:  

Student Observations

Karen has spent countless hours in classrooms throughout her career and has been fortunate to observe students and teachers in many local school districts. She understands the value of observing students in their learning environment. She is available to observe your child in his/her current educational setting and provide written feedback and recommendations to the team in order to best meet the needs of your child.