"I couldn't ask for a better partner to help navigate the special education needs of my child. Karen's depth of knowledge of both legal aspects and testing requirements is astounding. Coupling that knowledge with her preparedness, professionalism and calmness will ensure your child gets what they need. Karen possesses exceptional communication skills that enable her to effectively collaborate with parents, teachers and school administrators. The end result will be a plan that is quantifiable, measurable and looks at the needs of the whole child. I can't give a higher endoresement other than I wouldn't ask for anyone else by my side."

Peter F.

Concord, MA

"Karen's ability to listen attentively, empathize, and validate my concerns was comforting and reassuring. Karen was the reason I felt confident and empowered to serve as an advocate for my son. She took the time to thoroughly analyze our son's individual needs, consider all relevant factors, and gather necessary information. She analyzed our son's testing reports, synthesized the information, identified our son's strengths and vulnerabilities and provided guidance and recommendations. Her comprehensive approach ensured that every detail was taken into account, leading to well-informed and strategic advocacy. Karen consistently demonstrated a high level of professionalism. She was prompt, organized and efficient in her communications and actions. It was evident she had a deep understanding of special education laws and regulations, which greatly facilitated our case. If you're seeking a dedicated advocate who truly cares, look no further."

Michelle S.

Bedford, MA